Toshiba Products

Big Performance, Big Features in a small package.
The Strata CIX40 starts with eight digital ports, one analog port and Four CO lines with caller ID and easily doubles in capacity. The GVPU voicemail with call monitor and call record can be added with plug and play ease.

Big Solutions for a small business. The Strata CIX100 easily adapts to your growing needs. Universal slot architecture enables you to combine CO lines, Digital and IP telephones and peripherals in any configuration. Start small and expand up to 112 ports or even more if you network multiple Strata CIX systems. Outgrow your CIX100, migration is easy.

Big answers to streamline operations. The Strata CIX670 expands up to 560 telephones and can even grow further by networking other systems. Integrate everything and enjoy the benefits.

Big capabilities, Big productivity. Stratagy voice processing communicates effectively in and out of the office with employees and customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Big Business Productivity Solutions. Make customer service a priority with call center solutions consisting of Automatic Call Distribution, Management Information Systems, and Computer Telephony Integration applications.

Big versatility to work anywhere. The Strata CIX IP telephone system with peer-to-peer communication. Choose from the CIX200 with 192 universal slots, the CIX670 with 672 universal slots, or the CIX1200.

Toshiba products are also synonymous with migration and modularity; companies can grow their Toshiba Strata and Stratagy systems cost effectively, as their businesses grow, while retaining their initial investment.

Simplify Messaging Efficiently with Strata Voice Mail Systems. The Stratagy family provides seamless integration to your CIX system. Toshiba’s Strata Media Application Server supports voice processing and all value added applictions integrated within one platform.


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